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Jordan The 10: Air 1 - AA3834 101 White/Black-Varsity Red

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Red off white Jordan 1 Chicago was first introduced in 2017 although the label has been operating for several years prior. From the beginning, it was clear that Abloh had a gift for the streetwear world that no one had ever seen before.

He was able to take ordinary clothes, put a slight twist on them, sell them with extraordinary price tags, and on top of all that, to do it with swagger–this is what streetwear is all about. Abloh made his streetwear debut with his Pyrex Vision brand. The PYREX printed sportswear and flannel shirts were well received, particularly by celebrities.

After a few years of clothing, the brand started to make its own footwear, which sold but didn’t sell as well as it could have. For this reason, Nike footwear was the ideal partner for Off White. This collaboration gave Abloh his first break and raised his profile to a whole new level.

Since the debut of that project, Abloh has since been named the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear, partnered on additional Nike projects, and seen the resale prices of his collaborative sneakers go through the roof.

This Air Jordan 1 by OFF-WHITE features a Chicago theme of Red, White, and Black while having an inside out or unfinished theme. On the medial side, we have ‘OFF WHITE for Nike branding while large AIR is seen on the midsole. Completing the look is a unique Nike Swoosh on the panels and ‘Shoelaces’ written on the laces. Each pair will also come with four colored laces while the box is also inside out.


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How Many Pairs of Off White Jordan 1 Chicago Was Made

The OFF-WHITE x Nike the Ten Collection is broken down into two groups of five. The first group goes by the name of the REVEALING and includes the Air Jordan 1, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Presto, Nike Air VaporMax and Nike Blazer Mid. The pairs in this group are designed to look accessible: hand-cut, open-source and reconstructed.

The second group of sneakers is known as the GHOSTING. This group includes the Converse Chuck Taylor, Nike Zoom Fly SP, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Nike React Hyperdunk 2017 and Nike Air Max 97. These pairs were designed with translucent uppers to further the idea of revealing and unite the second set of silhouettes through common material. The collection includes the Air Jordan 1, Air VaporMax, Air Presto, Air Max 90, Blazer, Air Max 97, Hyperdunk 2017, Air Force 1, Zoom Fly, and Chuck Taylor.


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OFF WHITE Air Jordan 1 Chicago Release Date

OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “The Ten”

  • Color: White/Black-Varsity Red
  • Style Code: AA3834-101
  • Release Date: November 2017
  • Price: $190


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Air Jordan 1 Off White Chicago Legit Check (Real vs. Fake)

Wings logo

You should look out for the consistency of the font and the glossiness of the ‘AIR JORDAN.’ The retail pair has a more consistent font size and has a cleaner print with a matte finish while the fakes have a glossy finish. Another part of looking out is the wings itself, where the retail pair is equally distributed and does not combine with each other, while on the fakes, some of the wings are attached to each other. The perforations on the flap of the retail pair are nicely punctured while the fakes only have holes that are half done.


“AIR” Logo

For this part, the “AIR” branding on the retail pair has a matte finish and is placed right in the middle between the stitching on the midsole and the outsole, while the fakes have a glossy finish to the “AIR” branding and are placed nearer to the outsole.

“USA” Text

The “USA” text on the inner side of the retail pair has a matte finishing and does not have a clean print and if you are wondering what are we talking about, the font looks like it’s slightly smudged upwards. The fakes have a glossy finish on the “USA” text and are printed more consistently compared to the authentic pair.


“85” Flap

If you guys have not realized, there is an “85” branding behind the side flaps. This part is crucial as this is often used to determine whether the pair is authentic or not. The font is also different from the real pair and the fake pair. Another thing you should take note of is the indented shape of the Wings logo. The indented shape can almost be considered a dead giveaway as it is a clear mark that separates the authentic and fake pairs.



This would be easier to spot as the real pair has a cream tint to its insoles, while the fake insoles have a blue tint to it. The grooves on the authentic pair’s insole have a more prominent, distinct pyramidal shape compared to the phony pair’s insoles that have inconsistent grooves with non-distinct shapes.


Hang Tags

This is an easy way to detect a fake, that is through the pair’s hangtag. The real pair’s hang tag has a darker red shade while the fake has an orange shade hangtag. The fake pair’s hang tag has a bigger circumference compared to the real one.



When it comes to the packaging, it’s done in OFF-WHITE fashion. The packaging comes with an inside-out theme. The usual outer portion of the box is placed on the inside, while the inside is now found on the outside. The inside consists of a Black base with a Gold Jumpman, while the inside consists of a Brown surface with “JUMPMAN” branding on it. The packaging will also include dual branded (Off-White & Nike) wrapping paper.


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Reselling sneakers

The sneaker resale market is very profitable and valued at around $1 billion. While only 4% of shoes and sneakers are purchased upon release for resale, the market benefits from side hustlers and entrepreneurs who operate in different channels.

The sneaker market as a whole has opened up itself to more people with the help of the online channel. However, back in the day when the internet didn’t exist, there was competition within the different communities and tribes in the market. In other words, reselling sneakerheads worked in isolation with their communities. The shared experience within a small group of people made the sneaker marker what it is today.

Many newbies have the issue of selling for too low of a price or not knowing how to price in such a way that they make the most money. You can use 3 key points to profit as an investor:

  • A huge spike following the release date
  • A steep drop about 1 or 2 months following the release
  • A rise in value that sometimes returns to the same or a higher price than the resale price during the release date


Pros of reselling sneakers

  • You can good money
  • Accumulates value over time, you just need to find the right pairs
  • The sneakers generate a lot of attention
  • You can make it a full-time business


Cons of reselling sneakers

  • The sneakers have a complicated market and you need to be well informed to penetrate through to reach your customers.
  • People go to great lengths to get a pair even if it means breaking the law
  • The sneakers marketers have focused more on profit than footwear
  • You can get easily duped into buying fakes instead of real ones


How to legit check Air Jordan 1 Off White Chicago

The OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 comes dressed in a classic Chicago color scheme, but that’s where the traditional aspect of the shoe ends. There’s plenty of things that make the shoe stand out from your regular-constructed Air Jordan 1 High. Think of it as a deconstructed version of the model.

For starters, the medial side gets rid of the Swoosh in favor of OFF WHITE branding that reads ” Off-White TM for NIKE “AIR JORDAN 1″ Beverton, Oregon USA c. 1985”. Although that may be the case, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the perforation/stitch holes of the Swoosh are still intact.

The lateral side of the shoe does have a Swoosh on it, but it appears to only be connected to the shoe by the visible Blue stitching noted on both ends of the Swoosh. When it comes to construction, it appears as if leather, suede and mesh are all in play. The shoe will also come with a total of four different lace options, a frayed White tongue and various words in double quotation marks (including AIR on the midsole and SHOELACES on the laces).


 Where can you Buy Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White Chicago

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Jordan The 10: Air 1 - AA3834 101 White/Black-Varsity Red

$7,428.80 in stock
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Jordan 1 Off white Chicago are fantastic sneakers. However, do take into account that these methods are not 100% reliable but are enough to determine a fake when appropriately observed. All you need to know is how to fish for good kicks. Other than that, you wear your shoes with pride and make your friends know whose BO$$

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